LUMERI LASER-R60.G8 | 68mW RG Laser

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Lumeri Auto mode


Don't want to control the lighting effects yourself? No problem! LUMERI LASER-R60.G8 is fully equipped with a complete automode, that will randomize the effects, so the party can really get started.

Lumeri Sound Controlled


With a fully automatic sound-controlled mode, LUMERI LASER-R60.G8 will be ready for all types of situations! The lamp will automatically adjust to the tempo of the music and will be able to cover all situations, from slow waltz to dubstep - all on its own!

Lumeri Strobe


LUMERI LASER-R60.G8 features extra special effects in form of strobe function.

Lumeri Laser


Add another dimension to your party with LASER effects!



Power Rating68mW (R:60mW / G:8mW)
VoltageAC 100-240V 50-60Hz

LED Chip Info

Built-in BlowerYes

Protection & Certifications

Indoor / Outdoor UsageIndoor area
CertificatesCE, RoHS

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions130 x 92 x 51 mm
Weight0.7 kg
User Manual LanguageEnglish

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